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Title:A Dubious Offer! Tsunades Choice!
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Episode Summary: As the week went by, Naruto continued his training, although he was unable to properly combine both the spinning and power aspects together, and had varying results. Tsunade watched Narutos progress from afar, noting how similar he was to both her dead brother and lover. Once a week had gone by, Naruto appeared to have been unsuccessful, and laid unconscious with fatigue. Tsunade met Jiraiya for drinks, where he told her that he was aware that Orochimaru had offered her something. After Jiraiya had made it clear that he would kill her if she helped Orochimaru, Tsunade drugged his drink, promptly putting him to sleep. The next morning, Tsunade met with Orochimaru as promised, and prepared to heal his arms. Before she could do so, however, she was stopped by Orochimarus assistant, Kabuto Yakushi. 073633 Languages: EspaƱol A Dubious Offer! Tsunades... You are Watching Naruto Episode 92 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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