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Title:A Plea from a Friend
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Episode Summary: Sasuke is dumbstruck by Narutos display of power and asks Naruto what he is. In tears, Naruto says that he is Sasukes friend and will not let him defect to Orochimaru even if it means breaking Sasukes arms and legs to stop him. The boys fight, and Sasuke struggles to counter Narutos increased speed and strength. After a severe beating, Naruto pins Sasuke against the rock wall and asks him if he has come to senses yet. Sasuke tells Naruto that he could not possibly understand what it feels like to lose his whole family, because Naruto was alone from the very beginning.Naruto admits that whereas he knows nothing about parents or siblings, he thinks of Iruka as a father, and he wonders if his relationship with Sasuke is similar to having a brother. Naruto states that to protect this bond, he will stop Sasuke no matter what. Sasuke resists Narutos appeals and says that it is too late for... You are Watching Naruto Episode 133 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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