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Title:Sensei and Student: The Bond of the Shinobi
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Episode Summary: Guy and Lee discuss the operation, and Lee expresses his fears of dying as well as his fears of never being a ninja. The two reminisce about their time together, and Guy finally decides that if Lee dies during the operation, so will he, as he too cant live if Lee isnt a ninja. Guys words inspire Lee, and he decides to take the operation. Tsunade, meanwhile, manages to increase the odds of Lees survival to 58%, and is satisfied that Lee will most likely survive the operation. Tsunade is inaugurated as Hokage, and the role as the villages protector is passed on to her. 073895 Languages: EspaƱol Sensei and Student: The Bond of the... You are Watching Naruto Episode 100 english subbed at Narutoget .more..


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